Greetings Florida FTC Teams, Coaches, Volunteers, and Sponsors:

I am looking forward to seeing everyone’s robots navigating the POWERPLAYSM field at events starting in about a month.  The leagues have scheduled more events and some of the events are available for volunteers to register in the FIRST Volunteer Management System and available in the event registration system on the website. I am also still looking for teams that are interested in selling or loaning any spare Rev Control Hubs or Rev Expansion Hubs.  This email newsletter has additional information about each of these topics.


The following are the topics covered in this Florida FTC newsletter:

  1. League Event Dates & Locations
  2. How to Register to Attend League Events
  3. Rev Control Hubs and Expansion Hubs Needed


Newsletter Details:

  1. League Event Dates & Locations – The following are some additional league meets that have now been finalized (please refer to previous Florida FTC email newsletter for previously announced league event dates).
  • South Florida League Events:
    • October 15, 2022 –Scrimmage, Volunteer Training, and Workshop at St. Anthony Catholic School
    • November 12, 2022 – League Meet #1 at Coral Springs Charter School
    • December 10, 2022 – League Meet #2 at South Fork High School
    • February 4, 2023 – League Tournament/Championship at St. Thomas Aquinas High School
  • AeroCoast League Events:
    • October 22, 2022 – League Meet #1 at Swift Creek Middle School
    • November 5, 2022 – League Meet #2 at Montford Middle School
    • December 10, 2022 – League Meet #3 at Shoal River Middle School

  1. How to Register to Attend League Meets -- League meet dates and locations have been published to the website for the ROBOT, South Florida, North East Florida, Orlando Robotics, and Gulf Coast leagues. The league event schedule can be found by going to the following web page:   Scroll down through the page to find your league. Each event includes information such as date, time, and location.

    It is important that teams register to attend league events to help the event organizers prepare the venue and the scoring software for the number of teams that will be participating. If your team would like to attend an event, you must register for the event by selecting the blue highlighted word “Open” to go to the event registration page. You will need a six-digit passcode to register for events. Within a week of you completing your FIRST team registration process, you should have received an automated email from the website with your passcode. Please keep this email in safe place as you will use the same passcode throughout the 2022-23 season to register for events.  If you did not receive the passcode email or cannot find it, I suggest you first check through your SPAM folder and if you still not able to locate the email you can request the code by visiting the following web page:

  2. Rev Control Hubs and Expansion Hubs Needed -- As most of you are aware supply chain challenges have impacted the availability of electronic components and the Rev Robotics Control Hub and Expansion Hubs are no exception. We would like to start collecting information from teams that might have unused Control or Expansion Hubs that your team is willing to lend, donate or sell.  If your team has an extra Rev Robotics Control Hub and/or Expansion Hub, please reply to this email with your team number and a description of the specific Rev Robotics electronics equipment you can make available to be used by other teams.

    Teams that are retiring or not planning to compete this season, please reply to this email if you are willing to sell your Rev Control or Expansion Hubs.




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