Greetings Florida FTC Teams, Coaches, Volunteers, and Sponsors:

Welcome to the fifteenth (15) Florida FTC season (2021-21) and this season game challenge called FREIGHT FRENZY. FIRST team registration is open and the Florida leagues have already started identifying locations for your league events.  The FREIGHT FRENZY game reveal will be on September 18, 2021. The theme for all of the FIRST programs this season is centered around transportation and you can see the overall season teaser by watching the following video: FIRST FORWARD presented by Qualcomm



The primary purpose for this email is to provide you more information about the upcoming Florida (online) kick-off event and help you prepare for the coming FIRST Tech Challenge season.  It is never too late to start your engineering notebook and adding team outreach events to build your first steps toward winning the Inspire Award at your League Championship and the Florida Championship.  A great place to start earning your Gracious Professionalism points is to attend a kick-off event and help mentor our Florida rookie team. It is also very helpful if our more experienced teams attend our virtual pit events and provide support for the Florida rookie team.  We do plan on continuing with some of our more successful remote/virtual activities from last season even if we are running physical events.  We plan on hosting a couple of cross-league virtual/online pits and we are also planning to host another cross-league celebration event to show off videos from our teams. Please stay tuned for more information in future newsletters.


The following are the topics covered in this Florida FTC newsletter:

  1. Florida FTC Remote Kick-off – September 18, 2021 at 12:30pm EDT
  2. Event Plans and Leagues
  3. Game Manual Part 1 Available


Newsletter Details:

  • Florida FTC Remote Kick-off – September 18, 2021 at 12:30pm EDT – The Bob & Sid show as well as AJ Foster’s Tech Think Time sessions are back by popular demand.  The Florida FTC 2021-22 season will officially be started with a kick-off event hosted on the FIRST in Florida YouTube channel ( The Florida FTC Kick-off Event will start at 12:30pm EDT.  During the kick-off event, we will provide an update on the season plans as well as perform a walk through of the FREIGHT FRENZY game elements and rules. A more detailed agenda will be available a week before the kick-off event.


  • Event Plans and Leagues – EVENTS: As Florida continues to struggle with increased COVID infection rates, this will have an impact on our plans for the season.  Our need for flexibility and adaptability will continue into the 2021-22 season. The current plan is to start the 2021-22 season with a combination of remote and physical events. Some of our leagues have identified options for smaller physical events early in the season. However, a majority of the Florida FTC leagues will start this season with remote events and then hopefully migrate to physical events by December. I would not be surprised if we continue to operate this season with a combination of physical and remote events. The decision to host physical events will be a combination of the size of the facility, number of teams attending, the willingness of the teams to attend, the COVID infection rate in the local region, and any local school system restrictions.

    LEAGUES: We are expecting to continue with the existing 8 Florida Leagues: AeroCoast, Gulf Coast, North East Florida, OneClay. ROBOT, South Florida, Space Coast, and Tesla. However, we also regularly evaluate opportunities to split leagues and reduce team travel time to attend events.  We are currently evaluating the potential of creating a new league in South East Florida. The final factor we are evaluating is to determine if we will have enough teams in this region. Therefore, I encourage teams in this area to register as soon as possible to help us move forward with this decision.

  • Game Manual Part 1 Available – This is a reminder that FIRST has already released part 1 of the game manual and coaches/teams are encouraged to start reviewing in preparation for the season kick-off.  Part 1 of the game manual can be found on the following FIRST web page: Part 2 will be released on September 18, 2021 and will contain all of the FREIGHT FRENZY game specific rules and penalties.  Attending the Florida kick-off event described above is a great chance for your team to start learning about this season’s game.





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